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ATL's Fireboard Production facility is a fully ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility:
Key Information:
* 2,000,000 m2/Yr production capability.
* Fire resistant to BS476 Part 4, EN1365.
* Excellent physical properties -high strength, impact resistant, good sound
insulation, load bearing.
* Moisture proof, water proof, mould resistant.
Inert - clean construction material.
* Many uses - general construction, fire proofing, cabinet production, decorative
* Clean room applications, medical room panels.
* Commercial Kitchens, Canteens, Boiler Room Walls.
* Can be finished with wood, tiles, wall paper, metal and other finishes.
* Sizes up to 20mm and 3M x 1.5M available.
* Composite boards manufactured to client's requirement.

Sample Projects
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